Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreamy Real Estate

Many bloggers post about amazing homes that are listed in fancy places for sky high prices, often featuring pics of unreal Manhattan penthouses, cliffside retreats in Malibu, and pied a terres in Paris.  I love to read them and drrrrooolll on my key board.  Accordingly, today, I felt compelled to jump into this game of caviar dreams and share with you a piece of real estate that, to my husband and any other sports/tearjerker movie fan, far exceeds the luxury retreats we all worship and adore. 

Behold, the real "Field of Dreams" could be yours.  No list price yet, but the memories are invaluable, no?

Imagine yourself in sunny Dyersville, Iowa...

Included with your very own baseball diamond built by Universal Pictures, you would also be the proud owner of a two bedroom home, six outbuildings, and 196 acres.  Perhaps this is the answer to my recent escapist fantasy of leading a simple, more agrarian and rural lifestyle. 

Cheers and Happy Weekend,


P.S. ....and you know we appreciate Mid-western roots in our household. 


  1. Shhhhh, don't tell Les. He would book a one way flight out there today!

  2. The last scene where he throws the ball with his dad ALWAYS makes me cry!

  3. It's listed for 5.4 million! My suggestion to you last night was to buy it for Beau for his birthday next year!!!!

  4. hi jessie, just give me a minute to living can be fun,if only a few minute drive from a shopping place! have a great weekend..verbena cottage

  5. Of course, if you did...Beau would be THE coolest little league coach of all time!!!

  6. Oy vey, Field of Bad Dreams for me. I fully understand that this is Beau's and many others' dream of a lifetime though! I'm opting to invest my $5.4m in a villa in the south of France, come and visit from Iowa anytime!