Friday, May 7, 2010

Tasteful Tidbits

A little designer birdie sent me this really fun email the other day wherein she asked me if I have ever heard of Go Tidbits

No, as a matter of fact I have not.  I am remiss! 

I aspire to be a gal about town who, indeed,  gives inside scoop, and I have failed you.  I hope I am not too late and you are thinking, "Wow.  This is so last two months ago." 

What is Go Tidbits? 

"Tidbits is your answer to the must-haves, must-sees and must-dos around town. By signing up for Tidbits, a free, editorial e-newsletter and accompanying website, you’ll receive information on the latest in fashion, food, beauty, travel, music and all other life accessories a Tidbits gal could be interested in."

I want to be a Tidbits gal so I signed up and am delighted thus far.  The New Orleans selections are actually good and not "off."  (In my gimlet eye, sometimes these types of "in the know" should be called "in the don't") 

There are also Tidbits for Austin, San An, and Houston.  It is easy to sign up for Tidbits and, even if you are not a New Orleanian, Houstonian, San Antonian, or Austin gal or guy, it still is kind of fun to see what is swingin' in your (fave) cities.  It is perfect if you need just a fix. 



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