Monday, May 17, 2010

Attention Catalog Shoppers

I rarely receive catalogs and, if I do, I usually recycle them before reviewing their contents.  I know, kind of counter-intuitive for a self-proclaimed magazine junkie.  I think I am just such an online shopper these days that I tend to have already seen all of the "new" items online before the catalog arrives at my door.  That being said, occasionally, I am delighted to discover new fabu items in catalogs...particularly from the ones that I am not exactly stalking on the interwebs every day week.   

Enter Sundance, Robert Redford's baby.  I really, really like some of the new items featured in their recent catalog and suggest that you poke your head in to check it out every so often...particularly if you are looking for something a bit rough hewn, a bit wild and natural, yet almost industrial.  I think Sundance overall carries things that have a rustic element to them without being Kuntry (that's country with a "K!"), which is a balance that is sometimes hard to achieve. 

Perfect, particularly if you are looking for something ikat-ish, but not ikat.  (Does that even make sense?)

...there are a slew of toli in a variety of fruit flavors, too.

The good looking Stinson Desk

Meridian Pendants...complete with the necessary tungsten bulbs, sold separately. 

A little off topic, but how cute are these?  ...and they are different from the usual ballet flats! 

Back to our regular scheduled program...set of gridwork chairs.

You should definitely check out SunnyD if you already haven't...something a bit different. 



P.S. I joined Facebook today.  I have finally caved after all these years....I don't really know why.  So, in the spirit of things, friend me if you are a facebooking gimleter.  I promise I will accept!


  1. The Wyatt chair is beautiful. Dare I say that it could be a replacement for Beau's old leather recliner?

  2. This is the first I've heard of the Sundance catalog! I am delighted, they have some really cute things, and the prices are pretty normal. I am dying over the gridlock chairs. Thanks for the hot tip (as though I need another excuse to shop!)

  3. I like the pendants!! Perhaps for Peeper or Sarah's new house?

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