Sunday, May 16, 2010

Christmas in May

Using Christmas giftcards six months afterwards really defines the whole "gift that keeps on giving" experience, particularly, if you are a Sag like me and have a December birthday. The treats all come at one time of year, leaving the rest of the year, well, a little bit treat-less. I just, however, had my very own Christmas in May. I received a Jonathan Adler gift card for Christmas and used it (the very next day) to custom design my own pillow, but didn't receive said pillow until Friday!

They weren't lyin' when they said it could take more than twelve weeks to make....and that Peru is far away and I need to chill out and not be too antsy to receive the pillow.  I almost kind of forgot about it until it arrived safe and sound. 

Just thought I would share a little Sunday eye candy...

Side one.

Side two.

I got such a kick out of the fact that each side of the pillow can be different and chose to make mine reversible (right now, it remains on the orange side...).  If you would like to design your own JA pillow, click here.  It is kind of addictive to play with the millions of options, including monogrammed and non-monogrammed choices.  Since Johnny first started the customizing, I have designed countless rugs, pillows, totes and saved them all in my online "account."  A perfect distraction for an idle Sunday. 




  1. I love that pillow. It would look great with an "S." I might go online and try it out myself. You can design rugs???
    The sun is coming out finally. Happy Sunday.

  2. Wow!!! Talk about worth the wait--it is most fabulous!

  3. Dee-lightful! Love Jonny A!

  4. Ca ca poo poo pee pee wee wee

  5. Sorry for my previous post on 6/5...that actually translates to I love it...fabulous!