Monday, May 10, 2010

Luxey Loews

This past week, I was lucky enough to enjoy one of my favorite hotel lobbies in all of Nola twice in two days.  I attended a delightful work luncheon on Friday and then followed up with drinkie poos on Saturday at the Loews Hotel.

I can't vouch for the particulars of the rooms or service (although I have heard good things), but I can tell you that the lobby and Swizzle Stick/Cafe Adelaide are a sight to see.  The common areas of the Loews perfectly embody just the right amount of Nola Patina (a term I use to describe that whole "lived in/days of yore" look people willingly associate so much with New Orleans) with some seriously chic touches. 

I was inspired to post about this for the first time last night when I realized that I have said, "God, I love the vibe and decor of this place..." no less than 400 times.  There is something luxe, yet warm and comfortable about the common spaces at the Loews.  I think it is the pitch-perfect mix of textures and warm neutrals that make the art deco-inspired space unique. 

Note the underlit Nola photographs arranged artfully behind the desk.
I am desperate to get a close up photo for you.

Close up of the stained glass and brass chandy. 
via flickr.

The warm lobby lounge area...eclectic and warm glamour.

Close up of the lounge area of the lobby

Swizzle Stick is super hard to see here, but note the brassy grates over the shelves displaying liquor bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Oh, and the ship chandy is located right over the huge iceblock they bring in each day....your ice is freshly chipped, of course.

Collected paintings line the walls of the Swizzle Stick.

Another view of the can better check out the shelves holding liquor as well as great chandelier above the bar here. 
via yelp

Did I mention that the Swizzle Stick's cocktail menu should not be missed?  If you ever stop in, order a specialty drink.  I promise you will not regret it. 



P.S.  I am almost positive that the lobby and Swizzle Stick boast some Hunt Slonem paintings.  This is probably a bad thing for me to know for sure as I have been tempted one too many times to simply rip one off the wall, stuff it into an enormous purse, and make a run for it.   

Images via artnet


  1. The Loews is a pretty impressive hotel. I've never had a meal or a drink there that I didn't love. If Latrobe's had fallen through as our wedding reception venue, Loews was next on the list. Their rooms are swank but comfortable and the staff was super nice.

  2. Beautiful pics - I have not been in the Swizzle Stick in years! My best friend had her reception at Latrobe's as well, though.
    My fave part is the floor and brass grates in the lobby - so graphic!

  3. Ooooh! I love the Loews. We stayed there last year, and it is spectacular. They make the best mojito in the city in my opinion. What a great post. We'll be home in a few days, and we'll have to stop in here for a drink!

  4. I haven't been to NOLA in many years, but the Swizzle Stick bar will be on my list for my next visit. I love looking at hotel architecture and decor, and the Loews has a great character and ambiance. I enjoyed the tour.
    p.s. Thanks for stopping by DD and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

  5. I do love those paintings!! I love the painterly brush strokes!

  6. Looks fabu--it will be a must do when I am next in Nola!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your post! The Loews looks fantastic, but I ended up booking the W French Quarter last week.:)