Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mumu/Tunic, Take 72

Now, I want this one.  However, as previously discussed, the execution would fail miserably. 

Ahhh, continued wishful thinking for the ability to wear a maxi dress/long tunic/decorative potato sack this summer and look effortlessly boho chic. 




  1. I'll go "half way" on this ... Nadine Blake's effortlessly cool shop had some lovely Tunic Tops (Indika) with needle work ... and they did not scream TORY BURCH ! (if ya know what I mean...)

  2. I'm with ya on that one. Oh, how I wish I could wear stuff like that! I'm sure I'd look about 6 months pregnant, which isn't exactly the look I'm going for.

  3. I second Nadine's shop! Not only is she enchanting but her shop is a perfect reflection of she and her travels. You can see pics of these tunics on her FB shop page.
    Funny how things come back my Mom used to wear these all summer when we were growing up. She would get them in Mexico and she had the long and short versions!

  4. Orient Expressed had some cute tunics too that were very reasonable. :)

  5. Ah, the age old dilemna of the full length tunic. It's a sticky wicket.

    Once again, you can cut that baby down to knee length and it will be super cute!

  6. Also, if you can find a maxi with an empire waist, that would probably look more flattering. And have you thought about belting the tune? That could look really cute actually!