Thursday, May 13, 2010

Growth Spurt Progress Report

Here is my mid-term progress report I received for my gardening efforts.  A couple of you green thumbed Gimleters have asked and, in the interest of full disclosure on the blog, here you go. 

Effort:     A ++
Attendance:  A
Mid-term:  B-

As a former nerd/OCD student, I am disappointed by my B-.  Let me show you why I have received such a grade. 

Before shot. 

After shot.

Looks good, right?  WRONG.  Note what is missing.  I killed all of the parsley.  My mom examined everything and informed me that I "drowned it," causing the roots to rot.  Who does that!?

Other view of empty spot where parsley was freshly planted...and is no longer.

I hope you noticed the "accessories," by the way.  My mom surprised me with this cute box of herb markers.  Hmmm....I am noticing this blogging thing is great for hints for gifty ideas. 

Now, I am forced to plant kill more herbs. 

The reason I did not completely flunk the herb garden project is because my efforts have wielded this basil.

It is sitting in water (all per my mom's instructions) waiting to be used in my sundried tomato, artichoke, black olives and orzo pasta salad....
(Side note: If you are new to Gimlet, that bottle next to the sink is not filled with St. Germain, but rather, dish soap.  Although I would like to, I don't have liquor sitting next to my sink ready for a pull all of the time.)

Now, the things that are able to grow on their own have flourished.  The plants I have been calling "the boxwoody things" are actually one of my favorite flowers, gardenias. 

We are so lucky!  The yard is currently infused with fragrance. 
Note that there is a sprinkler right behind this plant...which is why it is thriving.  Otherwise, we know what would happen. 

Ready for the piece de resistance?  Another surprise from my gardener, I mean, mom.

Two confederate jasmine plants for the side fence in our front yard.  They look so puny compared to the jasmine that is taking over New Orleans right now.  Another deliciously distinct fragrance that, in one sniff, can summarize "Nola" to me. 

Apparently, jasmine "grows like wild fire."  Uh-huh.  We'll have to see about that.  Beau has agreed to water them in the evening...or remind me to, since they are not part of the automatic sprinkler system.  Ask me for a progress report in a couple of months. 



P.S.  We are always accepting tips, tricks, and hints on gardening over here at Gimlet. 


  1. I think if you grew like you write, you'd have a veritable Garden of Eden. Everything that is alive looks great. I hope the scent of gardenias and jasmine does not conflict with the aroma of oil slick up there on the river. The house looks great - so summery and cozy at the same time. You might not have a green thumb ( which I secretly think you might ), but you have a gold one when it comes to style. Mom

  2. Does keeping the basil in water keep it fresh? I have basil growing in my yard, and picked some, thinking it would naturally dry until I was ready for it, but it wound up going bad. Is keeping it in water the secret?

  3. The plants look great! Maybe get a separate container for the parsley?? My own backyard is in shambles as I haven't been out there since the repair of "The Plumbing Snafu of 2010" began. I dread that clean up project!!

  4. My dad planted 2 confederate jasmine along our back fence too! Still waiting for them grow though ....

    Your yard is looking good, Jessie!

  5. How does your garden grow!! I am truly impressed and think you should adjust your personal score card! The fact that you've got such lush and lovely basil makes me envious as that herb is always the first to fail at my house. Amy gardenias and jasmine are blooming right now, too!! Love those lush 'southern' smells!!

  6. I'm jealous that your gardenias are growing! This is something that we've tried and tried with no luck. I think gardenias hate us.

  7. A+. much better than me. your jasmine look great.

  8. Ooh! It is my dream to have jasmine growing in my backyard. How magical!