Friday, May 28, 2010

Got my Goop

I am certain that Gwynie's Nashville digs will be making their way around the interwebs at lightning speed.  I received my GOOP yesterday morning and, unfortunately, do not have the pleasure of gimleting full time. 

Accordingly, I am just now sitting down to write this post wherein I plan to sing the virtues of fuschia over the mountain tops!

Designer Annette Joseph had ten days to overhaul a loft space in Nashville for Gwynie.  The space is a two bedroom condo  in the "Icon" building for the Paltrow-Martins to live in while Gwyneth films her latest movie.  Here is what Annette came up with. 

Accent wall (shudder) is a pop of fuschia in the muted industrial space.

Fuschia pillows fashioned from Hobby Lobby fabric!
Aside from the use of one of my fave colors, let's discuss what really stands out about this particular project.   

First, accessibility/affordability.  We can all live like Gwynie!  ish.

The lights (which are brassy and GREAT) were from a showroom floor and only cost $250.00 for the pair. 

Tile is "marble like" and is $13.00 per square foot. 

Kitchen is filled with flea market finds as well as overstalk chairs...glad to know everyone likes to overstalk. 

I spy a Targe table. 

Another view of accent wall (shudder).  Paint is certainly the most affordable way to add impact and drama.   

Second, warmth.  Adding warmth to an industrial space is a challenge.  Staying away from autumnal colors (an instruction given to Annette by Gwynie) is also difficult when you are charged with warming up a sweeping loft.  

Some of Annette's rules:  

1.  Use large scale comfortable furniture pieces.

2. Fluffy rugs.

3. "Great lighting," all on dimmers.

Check it:

Fluffy rugs in a bathroom?  Warm yes, but not so sure about the sanitary factor.  Let's ignore practicality and enjoy them as well as the cube ottos from Mitchell Gold placed across from the vanity.

Wooden stand in the steel kitchen gives it a more "inviting look." (quote from Annette) 


Large scale furniture and fluffers rugs throughout really do warm up the potentially cavernous space. 

The purple bunk for Apple and Moses really is fun...and an entire wall dedicated to chalkboard paint is always a surprise to see as most interiors showcase them in smaller doses. 

Speaking of warming up the joint, can't ignore the really fab art work. 

A view of photography series by Jeannette Montgomery Barron in the master.

From Tinney Contemporary, Sisavanh Phouthavong 

From Jackson Fine Art, David Hilliard.  Photographs mounted in plexi. 

For the complete arti, click here.  Always a treat to see how the other half lives, right?



P.S.  Happy Mem Day weekend!  We were supposed to be in Chicago and Indiana visiting our people, but someone  Beau has to work on Monday.  So, we are chillin' (well, boilin') in Nola.  I think there will be a little Greek Fest action.   As a child, I remember Greek Fest being a small/intimate little it is a mega event.  It still serves the most delicious confection ever...a baklava sundae.  Perhaps I can ease my broken heart (bummed to be missing out on the events in Chi and Indiana...) with a little yumminess at the Fest. 


  1. hmmmm... the greek fest sounds fun! i will be in NYC this weekend though -- so no greek fest for me.

    P.S.- Love the fuschia.

  2. This is truly an example of how the other half lives- Gwyneth was only in Nashville for 2 months!

  3. love that pink wall. thrilling to know gwenie shops at overstock!

  4. I was in search of fuscia pillows a few months back, and could not find ANY! Looking at these makes me want them again. Does anyone know who carries these? Or should I just have them made?

    Ps really like this place, though am laughing/crying that this was temporary slumming it for "Gwynie" (who I really dislike, btw). I really like the designer's simple guidelines, and I love the fluffy rugs!

  5. Annette is my kind of designer...much more interested in achieving a "look" rather than using all upscale and pricey pieces. This design is a testiment that you don't have to break the bank to get a cool look. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I HEART the fuscia wall. HEART HEART HEART! Let's discuss accent wall for el nursery, please. Two more weeks until D Day!

  7. Well you've done it again ! A great post & a cool space for "Gwynie" it's all good.

    PS: if you are a fan of hers, she was in an adaptation of "Great Expectations"a while back ... she was quite stunning in it ... esp. scene at the water fountain in her "apple green" ensemble !