Monday, May 3, 2010

Kelly Wearstler loves Serge Gainsbourg, too?!

The Divine Miss K is highlighted in the Profile in Style in this week's T Magazine.  Read is a quick glimpse into the fabulous life.

The interactive slideshow here.

I love getting a bit of "behind the scenes"/lifestyle tid bits about designers, especially the demi-gods like KW.  Besides getting a glimpse of her ridiculously enormous store room (I cannot even imagine getting to see it much less shop in it...) and learning that she has to carry her madeover childhood stuffed animal to fly,  I find out that Kelly loves Serge Gainsbourg!  Well, we are just cut from the same cloth, aren't we?

Thanks, Leigh, for introducing me to this handsome dev.

For your listening pleasure, I have inserted a little Sergie playlist to the right of this post.  I will leave it up for a couple of days so that you can enjoy the delightful vocal offerings of Serge (and Jane Birkin).   
(You have to actually click on it to hear the tunes...I didn't want it to automatically start playing when you opened peeve for the working stiffs!)



P.S.  Lots of "new"s in our life right now.
1) New mayor.  HALLELUJAH!
2) New job for Beau. 
3) New car for Beau.

I kind of want something new for me...

Harvey Faircloth...the one on the left, no? 

I don't think a necklace can be any more out of control! 

Vintage Bamboo Tole Chandy via Circa Who

A girl can dream, right?


  1. We need a scout to call up Circa Who and ask about the pricing, the stuff they have listed on their website is out of control awesome!

    And LOVE the nod to Sergey, j'adore!!!

  2. Oh Kelly ever does she do it? I love her foyer. I have been dying to scribble on the walls in just that fashion in one of the 3 story foyers found in the homes on Henry Clay or Nashville Aves but the right client just hasn't approached me yet!

  3. Yes, but sometimes KW misfires--I am specifically citing her attempt to "bring back black toliets" in a November 2009 Traditional Home article, in which she triumphed placing one in her son's updated bathroom. Simply put, I cannot support that design trend!! (And, I speak from experience as the black commode in my own home, which was installed by the previous owner, was the bane of my existence until it was replaced!)

  4. Black toilets? WTF?!! This is bringing back bad memories of an ex's parents' "fancy" Long Island house. His mother had proudly installed a guest bathroom that was all black marble (floors AND walls) and of course had the black terl. Oh, and the ceiling had some kind of infrared tanning lights that hummed. It still gives me the chills.

  5. She is also really into pink(mauvey) marble, and I just can't get into it. The veiny kind. My least favorite pic in her new book "Hue" is of a hotel bathroom veneered solidly in the stuff. It looks like it should be going out instead of coming in! But it is KW, she takes some serious risks and 90% of the time she does a good job.

  6. That Kelly Style Profile killed me! In the best way...and while I am dying...I'll take one of everything you just listed right here!