Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heavenly Stairway

This will be a short one...just to whet your appetite for some gimlet goodness.  I have much more to chat with you about later, but I had to share this pic from Sunny Goode's blog (I have talked about Sunny before....remember our hallway project and Sarah's kitch project?) 

Check out this stairwell....that extra "runner" up the wall gives it even more zing! 

I love that unexpected pop of modern paint and color in a seemingly traditional home. If I had stairs (maybe someday!), I would have to do this project.  

Speaking of Sunny's goodness, she also offers some new monogram permanent or removeable wall stickers.  

Shocker that this is my favorite, right?

I am seeing this over the twin beds I mentioned the other day....

You can check out the new merch here.  Good tidings on this hot-hot-hot Cinqo.  I will back later to reveal a very tiny project that packs alot of punch (I think...)



  1. My stairs need major help! They now have office carpet on them currently, so anything would be an improvement but I am thinking of ditching it all together and painting something. Perhaps faux antelope?

  2. Hey! Um, how cute are these wall stickers! Thanks! Now I will go room by room in my head trying to find the perfect place for one! :) Thanks J!