Friday, May 21, 2010

Swell Dwell

A little birdie (hi, Courtney!) told me that I should check out the new Dwell home stuff at the Tarj (pronounced like "barge").  We both recently agreed that Dwell for Tarj was becoming a bit ho-hum of late and, honestly, that is why I had not been conducting my usual internet stalking. 

Well.  I have undergone a change of heart.  Dwell has infused some perfectly-timed new energy into its Tarj goods based upon what I am about to show you. 

I could not be more thrilled with the latest and greatest shower curtain. Haven't seen much like this, now.

Lobster Shower Curtain for $24.99

WHAT?  Showstopper in your navy blue striped bathroom with crispy white tiles.  Let's throw in some yellow accents.  Next.

Brown and white napkins.  Set of four for $9.99.
I legitimately do not see any difference between these good looking guys and the regular Dwell napkins. 

60 x 84 inch tablecloth for $19.99
Perfect for a table (obvious), but dare I say it may be worth framing (after cutting into panels) for the look of framed wallpaper at a FRACTION of the price?

I may have to buy all three...with nowhere for the lobster shower curtain to go.  Just sayin'.

Happy Friday!



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