Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Petite Plant Project and a (wishful thinking) porch upgrade

Spray paint ($3.50) plus this basket ($10.00)...


An embarrassingly easy project that, per usual, provided me with easy (and virtually free) joy. 

I was attracted to the sculptural and uniquely shaped plant...a sky pencil Japanese holly.  I think the tiny orange planter warms up the corner a bit...and isn't your standard issue Home Depot pot.  I definitely still need a couple of other planters around the porch, though.  (And the damn Crate and Barrel bird feeder that I still have yet to pull the trigger on!) 

Speaking of front porches, I must discuss the light boxes featured last night on 9 by Design.  Beau and I both loved them....and kind of wish we could have some for our own front porch (they would have to be smaller for sure!) 

The "after" of Sixx's Hamptons project, note the light boxes on either side of the door.   

The custom made lightboxes feature a map of Long Island with an "X marks the spot" for Amagansett, the location of the client's vacay home in the Hamptons.  One on each side of the door livens up the depressing and dated exterior. 

Another view....these pictures are AWFUL.  I am so sorry.  If you squint, you can see the legend on the map on the bottom left corner of the light box. 

Sixx Design "has a guy" who custom made the light boxes.  I actually don't think it would be too hard to find someone to make them (or a version to your specifications), but, if you want the look, but not the full on huge light box....some ideas. 

All Modern Lighting..this is both a ceiling mount and wall sconce.  Hmmm...good idea.

To see a slideshow of the Hamptons project from last night's epi of 9 by Design, click here.  What do you think of the yellow stove AND the light boxes.  Fab or fab? 





  1. The basket turned planter looks fabu!! Thank you random neighborhood estate sale...I am enjoying the silver dishes that I purchased as well!

    As for 9 by design, I like the light boxes, though agree that it's a look that will not work with every style. Definitely makes a statement though.
    And I LOVE the yellow stove in the kitchen!

  2. Hey girl - I am feeling the sconces you posted more than the huge light boxes with maps. The yellow stove is gorg, and I have always been obsessed with Roberto Dutesco's horse photographs! But I called the gallery to see about one once (a large size) and it was almost $40,000! I blacked out for a second!

  3. Oh, I loved those light boxes. And the ones they have in their own home are amazing too! so happy to have found your blog!