Monday, May 31, 2010

In Honor Of

Memorial Day, I have included this Weber Grill commercial that just puts a smile on my face.  Have you seen it?  Really, can't say much more than it is just cute, cute, cute. 

Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you.  My sincerest appreciation for those who risk everything each and every day for our continuing democracy.  Now, to the grill for the last couple hours of daylight after a truly heavenly three day weekend.




  1. We just made the switch to Weber. I actually talked the hus into a charcoal one as well! This commercial definitely inspired us! We are about to light it now! It seems as though there are a few more Gimleters in cyperspace, yippee!

  2. Truly an awesome ad campaign!! It makes me wish I was in the ad world. Ahhh, how fun to use your creativity as a job!!